A Green Future with bioLPG

We are working with our members to create an awareness campaign to promote LPG and bioLPG amongst consumers.

You may have seen the news and heard about the Governments ambitious plans for a Net Zero future. The newspapers have been filled with headlines about boilers being banned and that homes will need to move onto a low-emissions system.

We will be providing our members with a suite of communications to enable them to communicate with their customers and tell them that LPG is fit for the future, and the industry is transitioning to a renewable bioLPG.

LPG is the lowest carbon, conventional fuel for homes and businesses off the gas grid, bringing huge benefits, not just on carbon, but air quality, compared to traditional off-grid fuels oil and coal.

As an industry however we recognise this does not go far enough in tackling climate change, which is why the LPG industry launched its ambition to transition to 100% renewables by 2040 back in 2019 in order to support the Government’s target for a Net Zero future by 2050.

So what is bioLPG?

BioLPG is a convenient and non-intrusive ‘drop-in’ solution to decarbonisation for a variety of rural off-grid homes and businesses.

Drop-in: can be used with existing infrastructure, such as your tanks, boilers, fires, cylinders, hobs and ovens, in fact any LPG appliance, so no expensive home upgrades need to be made in order to start using it.

Renewable: made from a diverse mix of sustainable biological feedstocks and processes.

Low carbon: up to 90% carbon emissions reduction and carries the same low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG.

Instant heat: provides on-demand heat and hot water, compared to low-temperature systems such as heat pumps.

Next steps

As the industry transitions to bioLPG, the aim is to enable existing LPG users to gradually begin using bioLPG alongside their existing supply during the 2020s and 2030s.

As the industry transitions to bioLPG, the aim is to enable existing LPG users to start using bioLPG during the 2020s and 2030s. Our campaign is aimed at supporting our members during this period of transition and promoting the excellent benefits of LPG and bioLPG.

You can find out more about bioLPG here and follow along with the latest social media activity using the hashtag #bioLPGreenFuture


The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK