About Liquid Gas UK

Whether you’re a gas supplier, equipment or service provider, an installer or you’re another key part of the vast LPG supply chain, we’re here to help and support you. As a Liquid Gas UK member, you’ll be part of the largest LPG UK network which represents 99% of the LPG supplied in the UK market place.

Our Role

Liquid Gas UK is the voice of authority for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK.

Whether you’re a gas supplier, equipment or service provider, an installer or another key part of the vast LPG supply chain, our team of experts are here to support you

We will liaise with ministers, civil servants, MP’s as well as the wider energy sector to campaign for you across the four UK nations. Our voices are heard from Westminster to Holyrood, the Senedd to Stormont due to the direct connections we have into the corridors of power.  

We respond to consultations, feed into parliamentary inquiries, host events and commission studies to aid the whole supply chain.

We are the authoritative voice on LPG standards and our codes of practice are both globally recognised and industry leading. They are compiled by experts from our team and feed in expertise on LPG and bioLPG to regulatory powers such as the health and safety executive.

Our Vision

We have a clear vision and that is to deliver clean growth in the off-grid and portable energy markets.

We will support the LPG and bioLPG industry to achieve clean growth by demonstrating that LPG and bioLPG can be the first choice for consumers and businesses;

  • by providing affordable low carbon, clean, secure, energy to homes and businesses
  • by working collaboratively, as appropriate through its national industry association to bring the vision to life
  • by providing the best guidance and regulations, and promoting the highest safety standards

Growth and ambition

  • Sustainability and growth are at our core and here at Liquid Gas UK we want to see the LPG market continue to grow, reach new heights and be a key part in the UK’s transition to Net Zero.
  • In our 2040 vision we outlined the industry’s ambition to transition to bioLPG and we’d welcome those who want to be a part of this transition to join us as a member.
Our History

Liquid Gas UK, formerly known as UKLPG, was formed by the merger of the LP Gas Association (LPGA) and the Association for Liquid Gas Equipment and Distributors (ALGED) in January 2008. Our roots are firmly established, with LPGA and ALGED established in 1947 and 1975 respectively.

Our aims are to:

  • Promote the safe use of LPG 
  • Inform and lobby opinion formers and legislators (in the UK, and the EU via Liquid Gas Europe) 
  • Champion and guard safety and technical standards within the LPG industry and provide expert advice, and guidance to members 
  • Work with members of the industry and other bodies to ensure the right skills for the industry's future are recognised and developed 
  • Raise the profile of the benefits, good experience and qualities of LPG to specific and agreed audiences
  • Through our events programme offer the opportunity to network and share best practice within the industry
  • Liquid Gas Europe, the European Association for the LPG industry
  • WLPGA, the World LPG Association
  • HHIC, the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council
  • LowCVP, the low carbon vehicle partnership
  • FIA, Fuel Industries Association 
  • The Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Forum
  • We are delighted to support the WLPGA's Women in LPG (WINLPG) initiative 

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK