Meet the Team

Liquid Gas UK has a dedicated team of experts who work hard both behind the scenes, and within high profile roles to share their knowledge and expertise to guide the LPG industry and support all of our members.

George Webb - Chief Executive

George Webb is our CEO and is a hugely well respected and authoritative voice within the UK LPG & bioLPG industry.

George has been a key figure in the energy sector for many years and has held a number of senior management roles within the industry. He has a deep understanding of the full LPG chain and has built strong relationships within the Government, industry and with international stakeholders.

George has worked closely with the association for many years and has been a driving force behind many of the changes and developments we see today.

Prior to becoming CEO in 2019, George was both Chair and Vice Chair of UKLPG


Sophia Haywood – Director of Public Affairs

Sophia Haywood is Director of Public Affairs at Liquid Gas UK and another key figure in the UK LPG and bioLPG industry.

Sophia is the lead on all public policy and lobbying activity. She is responsible for building relationships with policy makers and influencers across the four UK nations, in order to effectively inform policy and regulation on behalf of the LPG Industry

Through Sophia’s work Liquid Gas UK Members voices are heard across a wide scope of policy areas including energy, transport, low carbon heat and industrial carbonisation; signalling the key role LPG and bioLPG can play in the future energy mix.

Sophia developed and launched the 2040 Vision to demonstrate the industry’s ambition to meet Net Zero, and raise the profile of LPG and bioLPG among the media and policy makers.

Sophia is making a big impact within the industry and has achieved two highly competitive awards in the past eighteen months; Rising Star Award from Energy UK and official runner up in the World LPG Association’s Global Young Woman in LPG Award.


Richard Hakeem – Director of Safety and Technical Policy

Richard is Director of Safety and Technical Policy at Liquid Gas UK and has a vast amount of technical knowledge which enables us to develop and lead on safety standards within the industry.

Working closely with Government, policy makers, regulators and leadership groups Richard shares his technical knowledge to ensure European and UK standards are safe and compliant.

Richard published and is responsible for all 28 Liquid Gas UK Codes of Practice, these guides are industry leading, continually revised and updated, and recognised Globally for their valuable input in making the industry a safer place to work.

Richard is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, and a graduate member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. He developed the Transport, Operations and Process Safety Leadership Group that liaises with Government on regulatory policy and works closely with the Pipework, Equipment and Appliances Leadership Group.


Mike Chapman - Autogas Manager

Mike is Autogas Manager at Liquid Gas UK and has worked with the association for almost 20 years

Mike developed the Liquid Gas UK Approved Installer Scheme and introduced many of the documents, terms of reference and certificates we see today.

An expert in the field of Autogas, Mike provides valuable support to installers and consumers, as well as consulting with stakeholders, government departments and other interested parties in LPG automotive matters.


Noelene Maguire - Membership Development Manager

Noelene is our Membership Development Manager at Liquid Gas UK and works on behalf of our members to build and enhance our service and product offering.

Working closely with our membership base, Noelene is responsible for gaining a deeper understanding of members, what they want and need from the organisation, and in turn how we can develop our products and services to fully meet their needs.

Noelene manages our communication programme with members and this incorporates visits and conference calls, webinars to share knowledge and expertise, our monthly newsletter and our bi-annual magazine.

Since joining the association Noelene has continued to build and develop our links with all our members and this has in-turn enabled us to develop our website, and other forms of communication, and build our memberships around the businesses we serve.


Kirsty Ferrier Spiers – Executive PA

Kirsty is Executive PA to our Chief Executive, George Webb, and manager of the Liquid Gas UK office.

Highly organised and methodical, Kirsty ensures the efficient running of the office here at Liquid Gas UK. Kirsty is responsible for invoicing, compiling documents such as the Winter Report, processing new member enquiries, and managing and updating our CRM system. Kirsty also manages all of our Annual Conference bookings.



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