What is the future for LPG?

There is a lot of investment underway to ensure LPG remains a valuable part of the low carbon energy mix. LPG is suited to many of the highly efficient new technologies that are coming onto the market including LPG heat pumps (18kW), fuel cell micro combined heat and power (mCHP), engine mCHP, boiler plus solar thermal, boiler plus flue gas heat recovery (FGHR) and boiler plus controls, which will further deliver improvements in energy efficiency and environmental performance, both in homes and in businesses. 

In transport, the LPG industry is also exploring innovative solutions to reduce emissions from HGVs using an LPG-diesel blend that can deliver significant CO2 savings and overall greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. This pioneering dual-fuel automatically adjusts the blend of LPG and diesel used according to the vehicle's load and road topography.

It is also developing opportunities for bioLPG or biopropane. Created from renewable sources, bioLPG is a waste product of biodiesel production and will act as a ‘drop-in fuel' for existing infrastructure and conversions due to its chemical similarities to conventional LPG. Available in the UK now, please click here to read more on bioLPG. 

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