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  • Fuelling success in the hospitality sector

    Wednesday 29th March 2017

    With more than 30 million visitors each year, tourism in the UK contributes £121 billion to the economy and makes up 7% of the national GDP. With a 3% increase year-on-year in the number of visitors, a recent report proclaimed 2017 ‘the year of the staycation’.

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  • Savvy safety tips for street food vendors

    Friday 3rd March 2017

    The popularity of street food has helped fuel rapid growth in the outdoor catering sector. According to Nationwide Caterers’ Association (NCASS), there are currently just under 10,000 outdoor catering operators in the UK, running 13,000 outlets, consuming up to 700,000 cylinders of LPG a year, with rapid growth in street catering attributed to seasonal markets, farmers’ markets and festivals.

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  • LPG: Present, Future, Past.

    Thursday 16th February 2017

    As Quentin Tarantino would acknowledge, a straightforward linear narrative is never as interesting as a script that starts with the present, enjoys a strong backstory, yet offers infinite future scenarios. Linking LPG to Hollywood is clearly a stretch, but in fact, LPG is no straightforward fuel.

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  • Burning Love

    Tuesday 14th February 2017

    With love in the air today, we thought we’d explore how LPG will be used on this day, the feast of Saint Valentine.

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  • Seven Things You Don't Need To Worry About With LPG

    Tuesday 31st January 2017

    There are many things that keep business owners awake at night; staff, suppliers, the taxman…however being located off the mains gas grid does not need to be one of them.

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  • Off Gas Grid Homes: LPG as the ideal solution

    Tuesday 13th December 2016

    The drive to deliver carbon savings within budget on new builds is a tricky one, with technology and fuel solutions all subject to scrutiny by developers, particularly as budgets remain tight. Availability, reliability, ease of installation and use are major considerations, making LPG an attractive option for heating homes in rural areas for housebuilders and homeowners alike.

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  • LPG: Bringing benefits to the forklift truck industry

    Friday 2nd December 2016

    There are many reasons why forklift managers will choose LPG to fuel their forklift truck fleet. Much cleaner and greener than diesel, it is a versatile fuel source that cuts air and noise pollution and, when you look at the range of benefits it brings to users compared to its diesel-fuelled and electric counterparts, it’s no surprise that LPG is a popular choice:

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  • Driving LPG into our cities: an immediate solution to the air pollution crisis

    Thursday 3rd November 2016

    You may have seen recent media coverage about the LPG taxi project that’s underway in Birmingham. Thanks to funding from a number of parties – including Birmingham City Council – more than 50 black cabs are being converted to run on automotive LPG, aiming to improve the health of people living and working in the second city.

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  • Greener whisky is on the way

    Tuesday 18th October 2016

    I can think of nothing better than a glass of single malt after a day on the Scottish mountains…the peace and tranquillity…it’s as if time stands still.

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  • LPG Vehicles: The Fleet Solution to Urban Air Quality

    Friday 23rd September 2016

    It was great to see LPG fuel provider Autogas Limited showcasing OEM LPG vehicles to test drive at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Show last week. Both the Ssangyong Tivoli and Ford Transit Connect Kombi have been launched with right hand drive to generate interest from UK fleet customers and explore the potential market for OEM LPG vehicles, particularly in fleets.

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