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  • LPG: fuelling our farms

    Tuesday 13th September 2016

    As one of the most energy-intensive sectors of the economy, farming businesses are always looking for more efficient practices to manage their increasing energy requirements without eroding their profit margins. Consequently, many are turning their attentions towards the most viable off-grid fuel sources to determine where savings can be made, both in pounds and energy efficiencies.

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  • LPG: fuelling the UK foodchain

    Wednesday 24th August 2016

    Our members of UKLPG are reporting a significant increase in demand for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) from commercial users and the food and drink sector is no exception, with increasing take up in the meat, cereal, dairy, brewing and distilling industries. With some suppliers reporting an increase in demand of as much as 50%, what is driving this switch to LPG and why now?

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  • Three ways LPG autogas can help tackle urban air quality

    Wednesday 27th July 2016

    I was delighted to see urban air quality cited as a top policy priority for the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and UKLPG will be actively involved in the forthcoming consultation to address the issue of poor air quality in London. LPG autogas has an important and potentially transformational role to play in improving air quality in the capital and other urban areas.

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  • Why the Hospitality sector is giving LPG a warm welcome

    Thursday 21st July 2016

    Cooking on gas might be popular with chefs, but the advantages of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) extend far beyond the kitchen for businesses operating in the hospitality sector. LPG is fast becoming the fuel of choice for country hotels, pubs and spas thanks to its versatility and ability to deliver clean, low carbon energy for space and water heating, as well as cooking!

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