What are they?

A Code of Practice is written guideline that is set out by a professional association in order to guide its members and stakeholders towards compliance with regulatory policy.

Whilst government provides the legal framework and sets parameters for businesses to work within, governments are calling on industry to become ‘self-policing’, which means that our Codes of Practice need to be complaint with law, fit for purpose and credible.

Liquid Gas UK has developed codes for a wide variety of sectors such as the design and operation of autogas refuelling stations, street food & commercial catering, design and operation of LPG road tankers and we also have a nationally recognised Approved Autogas vehicle installer scheme that has been running for over 15 years. For these sectors the Code of Practice cover the transportation, storage, installation, operations and utilisation of LPG. 

We have twenty-eight different Codes of Practice currently available. Click here for details.

How are our Codes of Practice developed?

All of our Codes of Practice have been meticulously developed by industry leading experts from across the membership and wider industry stakeholders. Liquid Gas UK also consults with Government authorities and some of our Codes are endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Why use them?

Using one of our Codes and adhering to its principles will not only provide the practical guidance needed, but they will assist you in adopting good engineering and safety practice.

Although our Codes of Practice are not an authoritative interpretation of the law, following the guidance contained in the Codes will mean that you are generally doing enough to comply with the relevant regulations. Similarly, Health and Safety Inspectors seeking to secure compliance with the law may refer to the guidance as illustrating good practice.

Codes of Practice can create a foundation for strong implementation of safe working practices, and can lead industry to take a consistent approach to design, installation, distribution, inspection and testing.

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