A breath of fresh air

Sleeping, eating, pampering, sporting, adventure, weddings, meetings; it’s all available at one of North Wales’ top hotels and spas.

That’s why the hotel – which is dramatically situated onthe edge of Snowdonia – is one of the region’s largest LPG users.

The hotel uses it for heating, cooking and hot water, as well as to run its state-of-the-art condensing boilers; and because they use so much of it, the hotel is able to buy it at preferable rates.

Positioned in a remote hillside location, the hotel’s LPG supplier has always tailored its supply package to suit its specific needs. These include an automatic top-up facility to ensure a constant source of fuel; the telemetry system sends daily messages with the readings from each of the six 4,000 litre tanks. Based on that data, the hotel’s operations director can schedule deliveries to coincide with consumption patterns.

The hotel also benefits from an excellent working relationship with its supplier.

The Director explained:‘The nice thing, which is rare these days, is that the people I have on the ground herehave a direct working relationship with our supplier, so if we do have a problem, we can actually call and talk to them, which is something we really value.’

He continued: ’On an annual basis we go out and do our due diligence to see whether we are getting value for money in the marketplace, and we have not been able to better the price. ’LPG, fuelling the Welsh tourist industry.

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