All about performance

Handling in excess of 60,000 pallets a week at a state-of-the-art,purpose designed 367,500 square foot hub based in the West Midlands - delivering freight distribution requirements for its customers - demands none other than an efficient and effective working environment.

With up to 80 fork lift trucks at work on every shift,there is no room for error and zero tolerance against loss and damage.

And using LPG has had a major positive impact on the smooth running of this enterprise.

This has been achieved by a dispensing port with 3 tanks – built, managed and maintained by the LPG supplier – where trucks can easily and quickly refuel. At such a busy site, a one way system has also been introduced to ensure the operation is not affected by the disruption caused by queues and waiting times.

The warehouse manager explained: ‘Having a dispensing port has transformed how we work; we have LPG tanks mounted permanently on our fork lift trucks which re-fuel from the onsite bulk storage tank. This is eminently safer than using replacement cylinders, as LPG can be delivered to site by bulk tanker into a storage tank which will then refuel the fork lift – rather like filling a car up with petrol. Controlled at source, it is quick,easy and more economical.

And with lower emissions – infact, a staggering 98% fewer air particles than diesel – we are not only able to deliver a cost effective model,but a green solution also.’

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK