Best in class

Irish college saved thousands by switching from oil to LPG.

It’s been an exciting time for one college in Ireland; a 4,800 metre extension project at the college promised to add state-of-the-art and up-to-the-minute new facilities to enhance the existing layout of 30 classrooms, two science laboratories as well as dedicated practical rooms for home economics, construction and engineering.

The school also benefits from a PE hall, football and all-weather pitch as well as a refectory.

But the hidden costs of heating the current building and the planned new extension looked set to spiral out of control with the potential to derail the entire project.

The design team’s senior building services engineer explained: ’The major extension would have resulted in a very significant increase in energy costs for the school.  As the existing oil boilers at the school were at the end of their life, we had to consider an overall site solution.’

However, all was not lost, as, at around the same time, an LPG supplier won a contract to deliver energy to the public service sector – including all schools throughout Ireland.

A follow up survey swiftly established that there would be an impressive 8000  per annum saving if the school switched from oil to LPG.

The design team concluded: ‘We calculated that the payback on the costs to convert the system from oil to LPG would be less than two years.  That did it for us!’

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