Cooking on gas at pub's 28-seat restaurant

It was a harsh, cold winter when new landlords entered their new pub to find no boiler. LPG supplier to the rescue!

It was one of the UK’s longest, coldest and harshest winters when a new landlord and his wife opened the door to their new life, a quintessential English country pub nestled in the heart of a picturesque village.

One unpleasant surprise which quickly became apparent was the empty space where the old LPG tank used to sit; it had been removed.  Faced with working in a freezing pub with no cooking facilities, the new tenants were confronted with one of their biggest challenges since stepping over the threshold.

Following a phone call to an LPG supplier, a visit was made that very same day, along with a site survey; the tank – with a capacity of 1,000 litres - was delivered, installed, filled and  working with 10 days; utilising LPG’s ThinkTank* telemetry system, designed for automatic reordering of gas.

The landlord said: ‘The installation of the tank went without a hitch and the tank was filled straightaway – we are now officially cooking on gas!  We have automatic top-ups which are great for a publican as its one less thing to worry about.

‘Our LPG supplier service has been superb, I have no complaints whatsoever.  In fact, the relationship to date has been one of the smoothest parts of taking over the pub!’

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