Fancy a pint?

Microbrewery chooses LPG to brew the barley due to versatility, efficiency and affordability.

Fancy a pint?  Not just any old pint?  How about a top quality, thirst quenching, Irish-made draught premium lager?

This was the vision of a local Irish businessman, who spotted a gap in the market and decided it was about time it was filled!

Just outside his home town, he found the perfect location with a nearby spring available.  The next step was to find the most affordable, flexible and suitable energy supply to power his new premises.

These were exciting times for him and his fledgling brewery!  And they were just about to get better!

Finding the perfect energy solution for this new microbrewery was now within reach; following on from a survey of the different energy alternatives available, LPG came out on top in terms of cost, efficiency and environmental friendliness.  Recommendations included the installation of a large gas boiler to heat the premises and a steam boiler – powered by LPG – to boil the malted barley.  The boiler would also be used to keep the premises and equipment hygienically clean.

‘Setting up a local microbrewery to produce quality Irish beers and drinks has been a dream of mine for many years and I am delighted to be up and running.  I can’t thank my supplier enough for all their help, assistance and advice,’ said the proud owner.

It’s just another example of how versatile and efficient LPG can be.

Fancy a pint?

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