Fuelling the Scottish whisky trade

One of Scotland's leading grain merchant's productivity was hampered with no access to mains gas. LPG proved to be the magic answer!

  • Fuelling the Scottish whisky trade

Tommy Cooper once famously said: ‘I’m on a whisky diet.  I’ve lost three days already.’

However, business operates on a different scale and time is of the essence.  Ensuring productivity is essential and this is of paramount importance in the whisky trade.

Based in East Lothian is one of Scotland’s leading grain merchants, which specialises in drying and storing in excess of 100,000 tonnes of malting barley each year at its ten acre site.

Unfortunately, the company’s productivity was hampered as it had no access to a mains gas supply; this is when it turned to LPG to fuel its Cimbria type AG 29 grain dryer, capable of drying 20 tonnes of grain per hour and reducing the moisture content from 18% to an impressive 12%. 

And the results – according to the company’s Quality Assurance Manager – have been outstanding:

  • LPG is a cleaner alternative to oil;
  • The even distribution of heat and precise temperature control provided by LPG ensures the barleys’ capacity for germination is maintained;
  • Its extensive delivery network offers complete peace of mind.

Ensuring the product is of the highest standard before it is sold onto make malt for the Scottish whisky industry is at the heart of the family run business.

Its QA Manager explained: ‘The LPG supplier pulled out all the stops to give us a supply of gas.  It all happened very quickly and there was only a short time between us contacting them and having the gas tanks installed, two 24,000-litre tanks and a vaporiser.  And fortunately for us – and the whisky loving Scots! – as they remain the property of the supplier, the tanks are covered by regular maintenance checks, a 24hr, 365 day emergency call out service, as well as visual inspections every time the tanks are refilled, giving both our staff and our customers complete peace of mind!’

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