Home is where the heart is

It has often been said that an Englishman’s home is his castle. It hasn’t however often been said that all castles still need to be efficiently heated and still need plenty of hot water!

One larger property – not a castle – set in a beautiful rural location and boasting as many bedrooms as the number of rooms in an entire smaller house, had been heated by an oil fired system for years.

Old and inefficient,the owner of said large property,decided to look at other alternatives and one in particular caught his discerning eye – LPG.

Following a phone call – from his amply proportioned panelled library – it took only 2 days for a local representative to pull up onto his sweeping gravel drive.

Our home owner was so impressed with not only the speed in which he was dealt with but the many benefits of LPG versus oil, that he signed on the dotted line and work began less than two weeks later.

He commented: ‘The benefits of our new LPG system perfectly complement larger properties. Our new 4000 litre tank – similar in size to a commercial one – can be used just as effectively in a domestic setting and with a two zone heating setting,we can heat one part of the house and not another. This really does help to keep our fuel bills down and is much more economical. Another major benefit to us is the automatic gas delivery due to the tank’s telemetric system.

‘We have been delighted with the dedicated service we have received;from start to finish the changeover has been effortless.’

Anyone for tea?

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