Housing developer selects LPG for first off gas grid development

After considering a range of alternative fuel options, a housing developer decided on LPG for heating and hot water for its prestige development.

  • Housing Developer

The decision was not just based on cost and ease of installation, the fact that the bulk tanks could be located underground some distance from the homes meant that metered gas supplies could be delivered in a neat and discrete way. LPG was also selected for its appeal to prospective buyers. 

The project manager explains:

 “Our primary concern was the aesthetics of the homes – we needed something that wasn’t going to affect the look and feel of a property’s interior and exterior. Initially, we considered using air source heat pumps but found the outside units were quite noisy and made the exterior of the homes look cluttered, which we felt could put-off potential buyers. It would also mean we would have to add hot water cylinders on some plots, affecting the design and layout of the property, which would be costly and impact on the interior of the home.

 “We also looked at oil, but this would require a large ugly individual oil tank in each garden, which we felt did not lend itself well to an exclusive luxury development - and electricity was just too expensive.

 “We wanted to offer our clients a fuel source that they would be familiar with, and which was both dependable and versatile. Gas has a proven track record of providing heating and hot water to homes, so we had no doubts that LPG would be a trustworthy option that was hassle-free to install.

  “We liked the fact that LPG allowed us to offer our customers gas appliances too, for example, if they wanted a gas fire, cooker, or AGA, we were able to accommodate this request easily.”

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