Is it a banana, fruit or a herb?

Norfolk farm choose LPG so as not to contaminate the crop with diesel fumes.

  • Is a banana a fruit or a herb

It’s safe to say that the majority of banana eaters wouldn’t have a clue!  Fortunately for those with an enquiring mind, we know somebody who does!

Meet our Norfolk-based herb-drying and processing farm; not only is it an expert on all things herb and hedgerow, it is also a very successful enterprise, a family business dating back to 1870; 142 years later it now covers an impressive 1500 acres.

One of the biggest dangers in the drying process is tainting the crop – imagining the money lost and the time wasted if the fuel that’s being burned affects the herbs is a constant worry to our herb specialist!

 That’s why he chose LPG as his source of fuel; burning cleanly and producing virtually no soot, its other benefits include:

  • It dries the crops perfectly, to ensure a healthy yield;
  • A multi-purpose fuel, it can power generators and other commercial and industrial applications on site;
  • Its burners offer lower maintenance than diesel equivalents;
  • It has an impressive track record of continuity, therefore avoiding downtime;
  • The bulk tanks are maintained and remain the property of the supplier, thereby saving time and lowering business overheads.

Herb drying and processing expert and director said: ‘At first we were using unrefined pressure jet diesel burners, which weren’t very efficient at all.  Our customers began to query whether the diesel emissions would affect the crop, so we knew it was time to change.

’When your business depends on powering heavy machinery, using the right fuel is essential.  We’re sticking with LPG; it has the edge because it is clean, cost-effective and reliable and our supplier looks after us well.  With the price difference between diesel and LPG in LPG’s favour, we’re quids in!

‘We get deliveries of LPG every two days and we’ve never run out so we’ve never even thought about changing our supplier.  Why move from the best?’

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