It's wine o'clock!

For this award-winning restaurant and wine bar, three separate and different energy systems for heating and hot water, open fires and cooking proved overwhelming. Calling on the expertise of a local supplier, the owners converted to one energy source, LPG.

Taking over a small pub in a coastal town in County Antrim was a dream come true for a local husband and wife team.

Although it is now an award winning wine bar and restaurant, the couple were overwhelmed at first – both financially and with a never ending rota of instructions, repairs and servicing – with three separate and different energy systems, oil for heating and hot water, solid fuel for open fires and gas for cooking.

Calling on the expertise of a local supplier, a free survey was initially conducted; the results recommended an entire conversion to one energy source, LPG.  Once agreed, the technical experts set about designing and installing a gas system to meet the pub’s cooking, central heating, hot water and open fire requirements.

The benefits have made a real difference both professionally and personally; one source efficiency, reduced running costs, maintenance costs and capital costs all mean more money in the till and more time on the owners’ hands!

The award winning team explained: ‘Apart from the cost savings, just having to deal with one energy provider is much more time efficient and it has made our lives so much easier. LPG has independent storage too so we don’t need additional space for oil tanks and coal bunkers.’

The pub owners have been so happy with the new system, that they have since sought advice from the LPG suppliers’ team of experts to discuss plans to expand and upgrade their kitchen and beer garden.  Expensive electric patio heaters have been replaced with more efficient gas wall mounted plaque heaters and overhead radiant tube heaters.  A gas BBQ installed in the beer garden now provides instant, controllable heat for cooking all year round.

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