Kilkenny farmer recommends getting into hot water

For this dairy farmer, instant hot water was vital to do the wash which put pressure on the current electric immersion system. With a new LPG-powered system, instant hot water is no longer an issue.

  • Kilkenny farmer recommends getting into hot water

It’s not often a dairy farmer takes the plunge but one County Kilkenny farmer did just that with some great results!

Home to a 180 strong prize-winning Churchclara herd of pedigree British Friesians, one can only imagine the large volumes of hot water needed to wash the 20 unit milking parlour daily as well as the impressive 11,500 litre milk storage tank up to three times a week.

And on top of that, hot water is a must in controlling the Total Bacteria Count – or TBC – of the milk produced.

Typically, hot water accounts for around 30% of our farmer’s energy bills, including the use of electric heaters heating the water throughout the day.  Reducing this enormous cost was therefore paramount to ensure the longevity of his business.

A local independent gas installer recommended an LPG powered system.  Taking just one day to install, it was an easy transition hooking up to the existing pipework.

And the results have been red hot!

A 56Kw wall-mounted Andrews Fastflo external water heater was installed and connected to an LPG bulk tank situated close by, delivering 70 litres of hot water at 80ºC in just seven minutes.

The installer explained: ‘The problem that many dairy farmers have is that the truck which comes to empty the milk storage tank every couple of days can arrive at any time.  Hot water is needed straightaway to do the wash.  It puts a lot of pressure on the current electric immersion system.  With the new LPG-powered system now on site, this is no longer an issue.’

And our farmer is suitably happy.  He concluded: ‘I now have instant hot water at whatever temperature I need whenever I need it so hot water storage costs are eliminated.  I only pay for what I use and the new cost is equivalent to night rate electricity which is far cheaper than before.’

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