Kingspan: cleaner, greener thanks to bioLPG

As the drive for more sustainable operations continues to intensify across UK industry, one manufacturer is really dedicated to making tangible changes to benefit both the company and environment when it comes to being more environmentally friendly.

Kingspan Water and Energy Limited is testing the market viability of 100% bioLPG in the UK. The business manufactures a number of products such as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and plastic waste water treatment solutions, used in both domestic and large commercial buildings. With large amounts of energy required, the business is committed to exploring how it can make its operations as sustainable as possible.

A simple switch

As a business, Kingspan Water and Energy Limited was using 150 tonnes of LPG annually, with four storage tanks located onsite. These storage tanks are directly linked to the LPG heating system and the heat produced here is distributed across both buildings at the Aston Clinton site.

The supplier used by Kingspan was able to demonstrate no change was needed to any of the manufacturer’s existing LPG infrastructure or equipment making the move quick and simple.

“Once we’d decided to make the switch, the rest was easy because bioLPG is a drop-in fuel for LPG,” says Joseph Douras, Operations Manager at Kingspan.

“There was no need for any new equipment, and more importantly there was no interruption to our production either.

Produced to the same British Standard accreditation as conventional LPG, bioLPG is chemically identical to conventional LPG. This is why Kingspan Water and Energy Limited has not had to make any alterations to its existing set up and infrastructure, including its onsite tanks and pipework, meaning there has been zero disruption to the business following the switch to bioLPG

Joseph Douras continued:

“At our Aston Clinton site, we’ve historically used LPG for commercial heating. However, with a commitment to reach net-zero manufacturing by 2030 in mind, we were keen to understand how we could make our operations more sustainable. Having spoken with our supplier, they were able to clearly demonstrate the sustainability credentials of the bioLPG solution alongside the carbon savings we could expect to make as a business.

Although the project is currently only at market testing stages, the switch to bioLPG will make a substantial contribution towards Kingspan’s goal of cutting emissions from manufacturing, as bioLPG offers up to 80% lower emissions than existing LPG products.

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