LPG to the rescue as flood water rises

We all know it rains in Wales but one spell of watery weather had near apocalyptic consequences for a hotel and restaurant just outside Abergavenny.

More than eight inches of water fell over a four weekperiod; the persistent and extreme conditions were such that it adversely affected its gas supply.

Its co-owner said:‘With 15 residents staying with us and 55 people booked into eat that day, we simply could not function without the gas that supplied our heating and cooking needs.

‘Within 45 minutes of calling a local supplier, a sales manager was on site and an engineer fixed the problem within three hours. The floods proved a horrendous time for so many businesses and families but thankfully, our own crisis was averted thanks to the swift actions of the local team behind our LPG supplier.’


Originally opening as a restaurant in 2005, it underwent a full refurbishment in 2010, with additions to the property and an extension that resulted in a hotel with eight rooms. The ground was even excavated to build a bigger kitchen and enhance the running of the restaurant.

‘We have never been on the mains gas network and since we developed our business our reliance on LPG gas has increased. We accommodate around 4,500 residents every year and our reputation means our restaurant is always fully booked.

‘After getting through the weather crisis, it’s reassuring to know that while we are off the main network, ourenergy needs are the top of someone else’s agenda.Heaven forbid the same thing happens again but if it does, we know it can be sorted – and fast!’

The hotel and restaurant’s LPG supplier concluded:‘At a time when thousands of properties in Wales were left without a power supply, we were delighted to report that just a handful of customers were affected during that unprecedented three month storm period. Being based in Wales we have the infrastructure, facilities and team to resolve any problems quickly and despite the onslaught of the elements, we were delighted to get one of Wales’ top hotels and restaurants back to business within the same day.’Now it really is time to get back to business. Order!

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