Moove over to LPG

This dairy farmer was using electricity to heat the water needed to clean the milk lines and tanks which was proving expensive, and slow. LPG water heaters gave him hot water on demand at a given temperature.

It’s a sobering fact that 1 out of every 10 people who contract Legionnaire’s disease will die.

And it’s every dairy farmers’ worst nightmare if an outbreak of Legionnaire’s can be traced back to its water systems.

Every dairy farm has its own systems and procedures for cleaning milk lines and storage tanks.  These are essential tasks in ensuring a hygienic, germ (legionella) free milking area.

A County Louth dairy farm – with a 300 strong herd and 20 milking points – has a wash-down period of 30 minutes during which a reliable hot water supply of at least 600ºC is necessary; with the abolishment of milk quotas in 2015, the farm owners were keen to increase milking points from 20 to 35 units.  This, in turn, would lead to an increase in the requirement for vast amounts of hot water and a related increase in water storage costs.

But the figures didn’t add up; any increase in business would mean heating costs would go through the roof.  Water was currently being heated by electricity for an hour or more before use and then stored and reheated throughout the day; this system meant very high fuel bills.

The farm owners called a local LPG supplier for some expert advice; the discussions centred around LPG powered water heaters. FASTflo water heaters have the benefit of on demand hot water at any desired temperature – from 37ºC to 80ºC via a controller - with the added benefit of the auto ignition feature which means there are no hot water storage costs.  In addition, the heaters can produce 196 litres of on demand hot water in just seven minutes.

Importantly this new system would also be more financially viable; the owners were delighted with the proposed system and installation works began immediately.

The team ensured the changeover to LPG and the installation of the two 56kw FASTflo water heaters was as seamless as possible with no day to day interruption to the daily farming activities.

The County Louth dairy farmer concluded: “The efficiency of our new system has worked brilliantly for our business.  Having instantaneous hot water is incredible; we never have to worry about running out of hot water and it has made our daily activities a lot easier and ensure we constantly have a spotlessly clean premises.  Cleaning the milk lines and milk tank has never been as easy as the correct temperature for effective cleaning can be achieved with just the press of a button.  The impeccably clean milk tank and milk lines further enhance the premium quality milk we produce.”

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