Moving house

Moving house is stressful enough, but imagine finding out that the old oil boiler you have acquired is inefficient and expensive. Read more on why these new homeowners switched to LPG.

  • Moving house

The trick to a successful move is forward planning.  Long before you sell your house and pay the deposit on your dream home, you should already be making arrangements for moving day.

And if it all goes smoothly, then you will be feeling pretty chipper with yourselves!

Until of course, something untoward happens.  Oh no!  The boiler!

This is exactly what happened when a husband and wife from Tenby in Wales moved into their new home. 

Although they were aware that the boiler in their new home was an oil one, they were unaware just how expensive such a boiler would be to keep their home warm and ensure a plentiful supply of hot water.

And with no mains services for gas and an ugly over ground oil tanker in the garden, the ease of moving was quickly forgotten.

But help was at hand! After contacting a local LPG supplier, their new property was quickly surveyed and alternative recommendations made.

The now-LPG convert and Tenby homeowner explained: ‘Switching from oil to LPG has been a worry-free process from start to finish and we are delighted with the results. The level of customer service has been exemplary with the installation of both tank and boiler happening simultaneously.  The ugly over ground oil tank has now been replaced with an underground one with only a single manhole cover to identify its whereabouts.  The supplier even restored our garden post-installation!

‘The tank also benefits from ThinkTank technology, which means it knows when it is running low and can automatically contact the supplier to arrange a refill.  We don’t even need to be here when that happens.  Brilliant!’

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