Redefining the energy guzzling service station

Six motorway service stations would usually mean energy consumption is through the roof. However - thanks to LPG – these sites are fuelling the way for cleaner, greener travel.

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Forget fast food, a forecourt smelling of cooking fat and salesmen selling you membership of the AA, the opening of six motorway service areas on the M1 at Lusk and Castlebellingham and on the M4 at Enfield in Meath, County Kildare, has marked a new era in Irish motoring.

With an array of top class facilities, each of the areas is a staggering 50 times the size of an average service station, putting them in the same league as some of the most cutting edge sites in continental Europe.

They each include specific pumps and parking for cars, coaches, bikes and haulage vehicles, capacity for high-speed refuelling, the ability to deal with large volumes of traffic, as well as being haulier and family friendly, with cafes, restaurants, showers, toilets and playgrounds.

Such enterprises usually mean energy consumption that is through the roof.  However -thanks to LPG – these sites are fuelling the way for cleaner, greener travel.

The implementation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution has resulted in the environmentally focused, efficient and cost-effective production of electricity on each site.

Operating on LPG – which is clean, virtually odourless and soot free – the CHP unit allows for simultaneous generation of water heating, central heating and electricity in a single process, reducing energy costs and the subsequent impact on the environment.

‘We are delighted to play such a prominent part in providing such state-of-the-art facilities for our consumers.  We are thrilled that our company has been able to create more than 300 jobs,’ concluded a very proud Operations Director!

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