Say cheese

Find out why our family of Somerset cheese makers have chosen LPG as its main source of fuel.

  • Say Cheese

It’s a funny phrase, ‘Say cheese’, but even more entertaining are the following cheesy facts : 

  • A cheeseling is a small cheese; 
  • The world’s biggest cheesecake was 56cm – or 1ft 10inches high – taller than the world’s shortest man;
  • An Irish chieftain nicknamed Cheese-Guzzler O’Ruairc died of ‘a surfeit of sex’ in 1204.

But cheese is no laughing matter; one family inparticular takes it very seriously and has been following farming traditions in the heart of Somerset for generations.  With its mild climate and lush green pastures for grazing, it’s one of the UK’s best places for making cheese.

That’s why our family of cheese rollers (yes, you can do that also with cheese!) have chosen LPG as its main source of fuel.

Engineering Director – and dedicated cheese lover – explained: ‘We met our supplier at an exhibition and they came out to visit us soon after.  We were unaware of the regulations regarding tanks and so their knowledge and expertise was invaluable to us.  They were then able to design our infrastructure around the tanks.  What has been great for us is that we have a no worry supply and the fact that our tanks are owned, managed and maintained by our supplier means we have reduced our capital investment.  And that’s good news for any business!

 ‘LPG is added to biomethane to ensure it meets the calorific value of the national grid, which means in essence, that we can claim RHI – or Renewable Heat Incentive – benefits.’

 And did you know?  Britain produces more cheese than our cheese-loving rivals France; infact we produce a whopping 700 varieties, compared to its 400.  Just saying!

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