Forklift Trucks go bioLPG

BioLPG offers a long-term, ready-to-go solution for leading Fork lift truck rental company

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One of the largest materials handling suppliers in the UK is furthering its commitment to support customers with reducing carbon emissions, by using bioLPG across its short term hire fleet and to end users with direct supply.

A long-term, ready to go solution for short term FLT rentals, Carrylift Group is one of five material handling equipment companies within the CorpAcq Group. With the UK pledging to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Carrylift Group is dedicated to helping its customers work towards this target by exploring more sustainable options.

Commenting on the use of bioLPG, Sean Roberts, Group Commercial Manager at Carrylift Group said:

“We’re seeing more customers now actively seeking out sustainable alternatives so we were able to identify a clear business need for greener and more sustainable fuel options.

“BioLPG is the ideal solution as it is chemically identical to conventional LPG, meaning we were able to use it in our fleet of circa 1,000 short term rental FLTs straight away without the need for any form of conversion of our existing fleet.

“Put simply, as soon as we’d received our first supply of BioLPG, our fleet was ready to go straight away without the need for any downtime, which can be costly for a business.

The Green Gas Certificate is displayed at all eight of the Carrylift Group locations across the UK, which guarantees BioLPG is supplied to each depot and subsequently to its customers. All Carrylift Group customers are made fully aware that their short-term rental FLTs are running on BioLPG, while, most importantly, remaining fully confident that the performance of the FLT remains as efficient as if it was using conventional LPG.

Delivered in the same way as LPG, as part of the agreement, the bioLPG supplier also ensures the infrastructure is in place to collect all empty bottles to be recycled and reused, further enhancing Carrylift Group’s sustainable green credentials.

Sean continues:

“As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited business, quality management is something we’re increasingly passionate about, both in terms of our own business, but also how we can use this to further support our customers.

 “The transition to bioLPG has been incredibly easy for us as a business, meaning we have been able to immediately offer a more sustainable FLT fuel alternative to our customers. In addition to this, it has also seen our sales team start to have conversations with our customers on how they can benefit from using bioLPG within their own businesses.

“This a really important development within the market, as not only is it able to work perfectly with all LPG products, it is a fully sustainable solution which crucially doesn’t compromise on performance.”

Able to reduce carbon emissions by up to 32% compared to conventional LPG, bioLPG is a renewable and sustainable fuel made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. As a biopropane, BioLPG is chemically identical to LPG and is compatible with all LPG products and has absolutely no compromise on performance, so it’s as effective as LPG, while helping businesses meet the carbon emission targets.

In addition, it is a sustainable energy source and is International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme approved. It works just like conventional LPG so there’s no need to change existing equipment, vehicles or supply infrastructure. With the first short-term FLT using BioLPG being rented out to customers over six months ago, Carrylift Group is continuing to look at how it can become greener with its own fleet of vehicles including those used by its network of 200 field engineers which operate across the breadth of the country.

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