The weekend's on us!

The managers of this Dublin beverage warehouse established that a switch from electric to LPG powered forklifts made for a smoother, cheaper, hassle-free warehousing process.

  • The weekend’s on us

Ah, Friday night!  The end of the working week for most of us and a few celebratory drinks for all of us!

But what would happen if your local pub ran dry and your favourite tipple was unavailable?

It may sound like something that only happens at festivals and parties but one Dublin alcohol beverage warehouse was perilously close to creating mass hysteria on the streets of Ireland’s capital.

The warehouse – which ran on electricity – was encountering any number of problems due to its energy supply; the battery recharging process was taking in excess of 8 hours, battery changeovers were labour and time-intensive, with reduced performance – just before recharging and at the end of life – compounding the issue.

With such a high volume of traffic, this scenario was more than unsatisfactory for the busy warehouse.

Input from a local LPG supplier swiftly established that a switch from electric to LPG powered forklifts would make for a smoother, cheaper, hassle-free warehousing process. 

And the critical factors of offering a clean, odourless and soot-free solution in an indoor warehouse with consumable products were also met. Other crucial benefits included lower service costs and general maintenance compared to that of electric trucks, extended engine life as well as high level engine performance, low C02 emissions and running costs.

The company opted for forklifts with permanently mounted LPG tanks as well as a refuelling unit; with bulk LPG storage units on site, instant refills were now a reality and downtime eradicated; in essence, the LPG system ticks all the right boxes!

We’ll drink to that!

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