Find out why this rural resident switched to LPG to keep his hearth warm in the coldest of Welsh winters. And the process was remarkably smooth.

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The Brecon Beacons – miles and miles of windswept, stirring and slightly austere loveliness.

And home to the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority which has the longest tunnel on a horse-operated railway in Britain at 2,400 metres long.  The Hills Tramway travelled under the mountain at Pwll-Du, North of Blaenavon.

But the downside is the rain; come October, the area is like the bottom of a sink with the tap on.  Isolation too – although we’re not talking rural Wyoming.  And greyness – bring a sunny disposition and those orange crocs if you are visiting.  A skinny mochaccino past 9.00pm is also hard to find.

And the middle of winter can be no fun either as one resident was to learn.  Left with no gas, no central heating and no hot water as temperatures plummeted was an experience our homeowner would never like to experience again.

That’s when he decided to opt for a supplier who could provide LPG to keep his hearth warm in the coldest of Welsh winters.  And the process was remarkably smooth.

He commented: ‘Once I had established which supplier I wanted to go with, the switch, delivery and installation all went like clockwork.  Local, friendly and knowledgeable, from day one I have felt as though I am definitely in safe hands.  And the telemetric system within the tank means that I don’t need to prompt the supplier to refill it – they know before I do!’

And in the words of our favourite Welsh TV star, Stacey West – from the hit BBC comedy ‘Gavin and Stacey’ – ‘That’s well lush’.

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