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For this forklift truck fleet manager, LPG was the most suitable replacement for their diesel-powered FLT fleet which works both inside and outside the warehouse facility. It proved to be quicker and cleaner filling up on LPG.

Every business likes to receive positive feedback, but not every company appreciates that in order to receive it, you need to invest in your products, your staff and those things that can bring you success.

That’s why we are so proud to receive such glowing accolades from one of the UK’s leading independent logistic service providers.  Operating over 800,000sq ft of warehousing with forklift trucks (FLT) conveying goods onsite, here’s what its Fleet Manager had to say about us:

‘For us, LPG was the most suitable replacement for our current diesel-powered FLT fleet which works both inside and outside our warehouse facility.’

‘We opted for a 2,250 litre LPG tank on a skid unit, which was a more cost effective solution.  The installation is basically on a raised detachable platform above the ground and we supply the electrics.  Because it’s not fixed, we also have the option to take it with us if the company ever moves premises.  It doesn’t interrupt with operations in any way and means we don’t have to store cylinders, let alone think about the downtime involved in swapping them over!  We use 50,000 litres a year and our drivers fill up once a day, seven days a week.’

‘It’s quicker and cleaner to fill up with LPG than diesel too – just a matter of minutes. When we’re just 20% full, the signal from the tank generates an order with our supplier and that order is delivered in five days.’

‘For everyone working in the warehouse, LPG has made a huge difference.  It’s less noisy and there are fewer emissions, so it’s more comfortable for the drivers.  Now, our FLT operations are running smoothly and we’re healthier too, which is an excellent result.’

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