LPG for Leisure, Holiday Parks & Hospitality

For more details on the benefits of LPG for the leisure and hospitality industry and holiday parks who are off the gas grid, please watch one of the videos below.


Those in the leisure and hospitality industry can be, quite literally, cooking on gas with the help of LPG.

You need an off-grid solution that you can rely on to ensure you have hot water, heating, and fuel for cooking – whenever you need it. LPG burns with a visible blue flame that can be turned up or down, giving your chefs complete control.

Not only that, but with LPG you get a consistent, reliable supply of energy. Higher efficiency commercial boilers ensure you’ll use less fuel and can enjoy lower maintenance costs. LPG is the flexible and versatile fuel you’ve been looking for.

LPG can be used across a range of applications from heating, commercial cooking, BBQs and patio heaters to street food vendors. Whatever sector of the hospitality industry you’re in, LPG is a viable solution. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how LPG is used Commercially.


When consumers visit a holiday park, guests are looking for a home from home but with their home comforts. That’s hot water on tap, cosy heating, and an instant gas flame for cooking. LPG is the next best thing to mains gas for holiday parks and caravan parks, which explains why so many people are switching.

LPG can be used for a whole host of applications on site. You can use it to heat your homes and swimming pool, provide hot water, fuel kitchens and power laundries. You don’t need to worry about aesthetics in your park either, as LPG tanks can be stored below the ground.

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