LPG for Property Developers

Building off-grid? No problem. Please see the film below highlighting the benefits of LPG for property developments off the gas grid.

LPG is the smart fuel solution for housing developers building in areas without access to mains gas, or where it’s not financially justified. As the closest alternative to mains gas, LPG gives you the freedom to build profitably and quickly.

Used in exactly the same way as mains gas, LPG can provide hot water, central heating, and controllable cooking for all homes in your new development. Not only this, but LPG boilers are the same size and have the same flue clearance as mains gas boilers, meaning they’ll fit seamlessly into standard house designs.

Homebuyers won’t need to get to grips with complicated controls as LPG boiler controls work in the same way as standard boilers. They will also get the benefit of reduced CO2 and telemetry systems that will alert suppliers when gas is low. All this makes LPG a great selling point.

Whatever the size of your development, your local LPG supplier can work with you to recommend the best solution, tank sizes, and siting. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how LPG is used Commercially.

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