How to Switch LPG Supplier

If you are a current domestic bulk LPG user and wish to switch supplier, please read the information below:

Single bulk tank supplying single home

Since 13th April 2009 all bulk domestic LPG customers whose gas is supplied via a bulk tank are able to switch their LPG supplier along with the ownership of their tank once they are no longer bound by any exclusivity period in a supply contract, which can last no longer than two years. Your existing LPG supplier will advise you one month before you become eligible to switch. Details of this date are also to be found in your supply contract. 

When you switch supplier you have the choice of transferring the ownership of the tank from your existing supplier to the new supplier (assuming that your existing supplier legally owns the tank) or you can request a new tank to be installed. Your outgoing supplier cannot charge you for this.

To find the details of all bulk LPG suppliers, please visit our supplier search and type in your full post code.

If you decide to switch then you should contact your existing supplier and/or the new supplier in writing to request that your existing contract is terminated. Please be aware that a new supplier is not obliged to accept a new customer and they may have a number of reasons why they cannot offer to supply you.

Metered Estate LPG Customers where multiple homes are supplied from the same tank(s)

Metered Estate LPG Customers where multiple homes are supplied from the same tank(s)

What is a metered estate?

Metered estates are groups of homes that share supply of LPG from a communal LPG gas storage tank(s) located on the estate that is filled by a single supplier. Each property on the estate has its own meter and is billed individually by the LPG supplier for the amount of gas consumed.

Information for new metered estate residents

Upon moving into a metered estate it is recommended that residents notify the LPG supplier as soon as possible that they are the property’s new occupant.

Following this, residents will receive a welcome pack from the LPG supplier company which will contain the following;

  1. Information explaining that the property is situated on a metered estate.
  2. Information about the current LPG supply to the estate (details of the company currently supplying)
  3. Information about the latest LPG Contract end date for the metered estate and the contractual details, including guidance that residents are able to receive LPG supply with or without signing a contract and the implications for each

Supply options for metered estate residents

Metered estate residents have the choice of signing a contract that commits them to receive LPG from that supplier for a maximum of two years (a fixed term contract) or, they can chose to receive supply without a contract.  If the resident chooses not to sign a contract, they will however be required to open an account with the current supplier in order to receive gas and some supply terms and the price you are charged may be different.

Metered estate residents are able to switch supplier when all residents agree to switch and none are being supplied under contract. Before signing a contract residents are advised to speak to their fellow residents to ascertain the current contractual status of the estate’s supply.

From the 31st December 2020, a new process jointly developed between the CMA and Liquid Gas UK members has been put in place to further supported metered estates customers. This includes;

  • Aligning contract end dates, to help facilitate switching
  • Customers on a metered estate being supplied by the same tank will be offered the same tariff options on new metered estate contracts signed from the 1st January 2021
  • From the 31st December 2022, suppliers will permit the switching of estates where less than 10% of residents or 1 resident where less than 10 homes are in an exclusive supply term

Some metered estates have a metered estate manager appointed by the residents to represent them and, if so, residents may wish to talk to them in the first instance. The existing supplier should also be able to advise residents of the current contractual status of the estate and when contracts expire (unless the metered estate is small and hence there is a risk of identifying an individual household’s circumstances).

What can I do if I have any questions about my metered estate supply?

In the first instance it is recommended that residents contact their existing LPG supplier to discuss any supply or contractual issues.

All customers supplied by Liquid Gas UK member companies also have access to free independent arbitration as a route to dispute resolution. This ombudsman service is provided through UtilitiesADR, for more information please visit

More information about metered estates can be found on the website here.

To find the details of all bulk LPG suppliers, please visit our Supplier Search  and type in your full post code.

The CMA also hold information and guidance for residents on their website.

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