LPG Cylinder Supply & Return

LPG cylinders are used throughout the UK to provide portable energy wherever and whenever it is needed. Whether for barbequing, caravanning, camping, outdoor catering or the myriad of commercial, industrial and agricultural uses, it is easy to find a retailer of LPG cylinders anywhere in the UK whether from local garages, DIY stores, authorised stockists or direct from the supplier themselves. Click here to find Liquid Gas UK members who supply LPG cylinders in your area and their contact details.

LPG cylinders can contain either butane, largely for indoor use, and propane which is more suited to outdoor uses. The vast majority of cylinders are designed to be refilled and reused so when you need a replacement, simply return the cylinder to the company whose name is on the cylinder, or to their approved stockist or agent and it will be replaced with a full cylinder.

Please ensure that you buy your cylinders from an authorised distributor of the brand on the cylinder. Refillable cylinders are designed to be checked and filled with the correct gas - either butane or propane - at specially equipped centres by trained staff so you can be assured of their safety. Having a branded gas cylinder filled elsewhere is not only not lawful, it is unsafe.

What to do with unwanted LPG cylinders

Gas cylinders can have a remarkably long life. The gas company retains legal ownership and responsibility for the cylinder throughout its life, ensuring that when the cylinder is returned to them it is checked before being refilled and put back into the market. 

If you have a cylinder you no longer need, the simplest route is to return it to the company whose name is on the cylinder. You should also have a paper contract with the details of who owns the cylinder. The gas cylinder can be returned directly to them or to one of their approved stockists or agents.

To find details of the nearest stockist click here which will give you a list of cylinder brands and a contact telephone number from which you will receive advice on the nearest stockist to you to whom you can return the cylinder. The cylinder remains the property of the gas supplier and you should not sell the cylinder on to others.

If you have a cylinder that contains a gas other than LPG (propane or butane) please contact the company that owns the cylinder whose name should be somewhere on the cylinder. For further advice on non-LPG cylinders please visit the British Compressed Gas Association website for advice.

Civic Amenity sites and members of the British Metal Recycling Association should click here for advice on cylinder collections.

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