Customers are increasingly relying on LPG-trained installers to provide valuable insight and knowledge about the range of benefits this versatile, cleaner fuel option can offer off-grid households and are looking to them to provide expert advice and guidance on how to make the straightforward switch from high carbon oil heating to LPG.

LPG (butane and propane) is Britain’s foremost portable energy providing essential energy for the burgeoning outdoor catering & event industry; caravan, boating and camping activity; all manner of outdoor construction and repair work; as well as a multitude of leisure activities. A truly versatile fuel.

Whilst the sight of an LPG cylinder is common place, LPG also provides energy for thousands of homes and businesses who want the benefit of gas but are located off the gas grid. Supplied principally in bulk tanks these can be located discreetly in landscaped areas, or even sited underground, so whilst the energy provided is no less important than that in cylinders it is less obviously seen.

Some 200,000 homes located off the gas grid are powered by LPG, with a combi-boiler providing instant heat and hot water to systems essentially the same as natural gas systems, and the gas feed from the same tank providing gas for cooking or feeding directly to fireplace gas heaters. Whilst many homes are supplied by a single tank located on the property, a large number are supplied by a piped network straight from a communal tank and metered at the point of entry into the home, known as a “metered estate”.

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Of the commercial applications, the leisure industry in its many forms is one of the most significant sectors using LPG, whether to heat hotels and pubs, warm the water for swimming pools, heat leisure centres, provide hot water and all the gas a large catering operation requires. Many industries are located off the gas grid but require heat or process energy that only gas can provide, and industries range from food processing and gin or whisky distilling to large industrial plants, for example brickmaking.

LPG has long been a stalwart of the agricultural sector principally to provide heat for poultry rearing, but also for drying crops, weed killing and increasingly instantly cleansing dairy pipes of any risky bacteria.

So, it can be said that LPG is the most versatile, portable and flexible energy out there, and comes into its own away from the mains gas network.

As customers are increasingly looking to LPG-trained installers to provide them with advice, Liquid Gas UK has launched a new ‘Installer Membership’ category, equipping installers with the knowledge and information to service a broader range of rural customers.

The LPG industry is committed to growth and this can only be of benefit to Gas Safe registered installers qualified to install LPG systems and appliances.

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