Extension of the Safe Loading Pass Scheme to cover LPG

Tuesday 19th March 2019

The UKPIA Safe Loading Pass Scheme (SLPS), which currently applies to vehicles loading liquid fuels, is to be extended to cover Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG).

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Recognised by members of the UK Petroleum Industries Association (UKPIA) and the Tank Storage Association (TSA), the UKPIA SLPS aims to identify vehicles and trailers that have been deemed to meet specified safety standards for admittance to fuel loading terminals. The scheme is managed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The extension of this scheme will ensure that the safety standards required for vehicles and trailers transporting LPG to enter fuel loading terminals are consistent at the majority of terminals.  

There are existing LPG safe loading pass schemes which will continue to operate in the same way until the extended scheme is implemented in summer 2019. UKLPG has been working closely with the UKPIA SLPS Management Group on the design of the new scheme and the implementation plan. 

From the implementation date in the summer which will be confirmed at the UKLPG Annual Conference on May 2nd, vehicles wishing to load LPG at participating terminals must be inspected under the UKPIA SLPS. Vehicles to be loaded with LPG will display the same disc as those for liquid fuels and will be recorded on the UKPIA SLPS database. UKPIA SLPS passes will be valid for six months. Passes issued under existing LPG schemes before the implementation date will remain valid until they expire.

For more information, please visit www.safeloadingpass.co.uk.

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