Northern Energy - a new look, same great friendly family business

Thursday 12th December 2019

Northern Energy is a family run business that has been delivering fuel to local communities since 1932. Based just outside Harrogate in the village of Hampsthwaite, they have unveiled their new brand which has been created to embody the businesses’ positive commitment to delivering the best customer service at all times.

  • Northern Energy Logo for Website

What’s interesting is that this isn’t a refresh of their previous logo, but a completely new look. One which is bright, fresh and reflects their forward thinking approach.

As Chairman Howard Illingworth said when asked “As an independent supplier of oil and gas to homes and businesses across the North, we play a vital role in local communities. It’s one we’re very proud of and why we always put our customers first by delivering not just the fuel they need, but also the highest level of service at all times. An important part of this is always staying fresh and relevant with everything we do and this includes in the way we look and act. We therefore took the big decision to take a step back, look at ourselves and see how we could better reflect the modern and forward-thinking company we are, as well as our passion for what we do and how we do it.”

This obviously wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly, as their old branding was recognised wherever it was seen. So, a great deal of time and effort was taken to ensure that the finished new look embodied what Northern Energy stands for. It had to be every bit as positive and upbeat as the company itself and its ever-helpful staff who are an important part of this family-fun business which believes in championing family values of trust, honesty and doing what’s right.

As you can see Northern Energy’s new look is a major step forward from their old one. It’s bright and eye-catching as well as modern, dynamic and filled with energy – which is what they are, both metaphorically and literally!

Also, Northern Energy haven’t just changed their logo - though this in itself was no small feat as it meant changing the livery on every one of their delivery vehicles.  They have also created a completely new website that is every bit as contemporary and impressive. This includes making it easier for customers to find the information they are looking for and keep on top of their fuel accounts.

Northern Energy always aim to be different to other fuel suppliers - both big and small - thanks to their positive approach to giving customers peace of mind that they are in safe, reliable and caring hands at all times. With their new they are set to continue doing this while highlighting what makes them so unique in the fuel marketplace. 

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