Tuesday 21st July 2020

Liquid Gas UK are delighted to announce the launch of the exclusive LPG Industry Census 2020, following a sector-wide survey in May 2020.

The census shows the LPG Industry, whose turnover was over £1 billion last year, is investing for the future and showing healthy signs of growth. The report is a snapshot of the LPG industry at the start of this crucial decade, with in-depth understanding of where the industry is today and where industry is heading.

The report explores:

  • The LPG workforce and the skills it needs for the future
  • Growing markets for the LPG industry, such as Leisure & Hospitality or street food
  • Energy Security, how the industry is investing in its resilience
  • Key challenges facing the sector, such as Brexit, COVID-19 and more
  • How the LPG supply chain is embracing new technologies, such as the Internet of Things
  • The transition to bioLPG and the LPG industry’s role in a Net Zero future

The census proves the LPG industry has the appetite for growth and the ability to deliver, with the industry building up its workforce, improving its infrastructure, making huge investments and expanding into new, as well as existing, markets.

Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs, commented on the launch:

“Since the launch of the 2040 Vision 12 months ago, a lot has happened and the census demonstrates that. There is over £100m being invested in bioLPG today and £686m set to be invested in LPG companies over the next five years. The LPG industry is putting the money where its mouth is.

“Industry is clearly committed to supporting the transition to Net Zero and supplying affordable, clean and secure energy for all. We now have to work with UK Government and the devolved administrations to kick-start the decarbonisation of rural areas, with LPG and bioLPG as key components of the low-carbon energy mix.”

Download your exclusive copy of the LPG Industry Census 2020 here.

For more information on the LPG Industry Census 2020 or if you have any questions, please contact Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs on sophia.haywood@liquidgasuk.org

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK