Electronic exchange of documents

With reference to paragraph 4.6 of the Domestic Bulk Order, to improve the speed of response and customer experience, members can now move to a fully electronic process. If members wish to use this process, they can opt to sign the UKLPG voluntary register. Signing up to this process means that members agree to both receive and send (that is accept as an existing supplier and send as a new supplier) this way. 

Terms and Conditions agreed with the CMA:

The register will be held centrally by UKLPG and published on this page of the members only area of the website. Signing up to the register will be done on a voluntary basis and registration forms should be sent to alicia.thomson@liquidgasuk.org. Registration by members will only be accepted from the voting member, or the most senior relevant representative where the email has been copied to the voting member. Registering means that the company has an auditable storage facility and a means to access these electronic documents at any time as it should it be required, and to ensure submission of an annual report to the CMA. Documents to be accepted electronically would include SSN1 and SSN2 notifications. SSN1 and SSN2 documents will be accepted as scanned documents sent electronically or as electronically signed documents.

The CMA has confirmed we can go ahead on the following understanding: "We think this is a good idea worth going for, despite Article 4.6 of the single tanks Order. Our view is that while not complying with these provisions it will amount to a breach of the Orders, however this is not something we would take action on since, on the face of it, what you are proposing appears to be in the interests of consumers insofar as the switching process should be more efficient, quick and certain. Third parties may of course take action for a breach of an Order but we consider that this would be extremely unlikely in this case. As we said when we met, we have done a similar thing with one of our other Orders where the design of the Order did not quite match the practicalities of getting proposer compliance reports to us: no-one complained in that case."

Please see the Electronic Process Voluntary Register below. 

Electronic Process Voluntary Register - CMA Calculator

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