Customer Information Requirements (all customers)

The Domestic Bulk LPG Market Investigation Order lists specific information that must be contained within contracts, must accompany contracts and must be clear on invoices. The relevant paragraphs are: 15.5; 15.6 and 17.1. These are outlined below:

A supplier shall ensure that the customer's contract incorporates the following terms:

(a) the date on which the customer will first become eligible to switch supplier;

(b) what notice period will apply in the event of termination of contract; and

(c) whether and in what circumstances the customer will be charged for terminating his contract and what the maximum level of those charges might be.

Document that must accompany contracts (Paragraph 15.6 of the Order):

A supplier shall ensure that a customer's contract is accompanied by a document containing, clearly and prominently:

(a) a description of the procedure the customer has to follow to switch away from that supplier to another supplier;

(b) a single postal address at which a notice of termination of contract and a notice of tank transfer request will be received;

(c) details of its own websites and telephone enquiry points and those of the industry trade associations; and

(d) either a statement confirming when the customer will become eligible to switch supplier or a description of how the customer may find out whether he is eligible to switch supplier.

Invoices (Paragraph 17.1 of the Order):

A supplier shall ensure that any invoice sent to a customer contains:

(a) a statement drawing the attention of the customer to the fact that the information mentioned below(1a to 1d) can be obtained from the relevant websites and telephone enquiry points(2); and

(b) a statement of the amount of LPG supplied in litres to the customer under the invoice and the price charged to that customer for that amount in pounds sterling and pence per litre.

1. Information required on invoices: 

(a) a list of the supplier members of the association;

(b) a description of the areas in the UK served by each of the supplier members;

(c) contact details of each of the supplier members; and

(d) contact details for any other industry trade association including any website address and telephone number for such association

2. Contact details:


Telephone number for the UKLPG Switch Supplier Line: 01926 513753


Accompaniment to Customer Contract

This is a non-branded document that can be used alongside a customer's contract to explain and highlight the switching process.

Metered Estate Conversion Factors Information Sheet

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK