Bake Off winner cooks up a storm with LPG

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain launched her new TV series this week, ‘Nadiya’s British Food Adventure’, and next week’s episode (Monday July 24th 8.30pm BBC 2) will see her visit the Peak District to bake some of its traditional recipes, cooked using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The BBC show follows Nadiya on her travels around the British Isles to find and sample local specialities. The Derbyshire episode is scheduled to air next week, July 24th, and sees Nadiya trying local oatcakes fired on a gargantuan, vintage, 18-foot hotplate. 

Heated using LPG gas jets underneath, the hotplate cooks up to five dozen oatcakes at a time, totalling 200-300 dozen oatcakes or thicker pikelets per shift.

"Gas has a nice moist heat which is what you need for the oatcakes. Electric hotplates dry them out too much," says Ian Barratt, whose business ‘Derbyshire Oatcakes and Pikelets' has been in the family since 1949, and they've owned the hotplate itself for over 40 years.

Ian showed Nadiya how he and his mother, Eileen, and assistant Sheila make the batter then griddle the oatcakes, ready for them to be delivered to shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants across three counties.

In the show, Nadiya devises her own twist on the recipe by cooking up oatcake samosas using spiced vegetables. Nadiya certainly was ‘cooking on gas' on the day - literally so, as Ian Barratt's farmhouse and bakehouse at Owlgreave Farm in Combs, just outside Chapel, uses LPG for all its cooking and heating.

Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of UKLPG, the trade association for LPG, said: "We're delighted that Ian is creating his delicious food lines by cooking with gas and it's great to hear that he finds LPG produces the best results."

Ian has just had a third LPG tank installed too, because as well as his farmhouse and bakery, he fuels a holiday cottage with LPG and heats the toilet block on his campsite.

Shuttleworth continued "LPG is a convenient, low carbon and cost-effective energy source and its versatile nature means it is perfect for cooking and heating for all businesses, large and small, that are located off the gas grid." 


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