'Gas for Off-Grid Britain' - UKLPG's off-grid heating vision

Sunday 29th October 2017

UKLPG calls on Government not to miss the opportunity to formulate robust policy that will support off-grid decarbonisation and showcases its new policy pathways document ‘Gas for Off-Grid Britain’ which demonstrates how Government policy objectives can be fulfilled with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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The UK Government has clearly expressed its objective to ‘reduce the use of coal and oil in buildings, and...promote a transition away from high fossil fuels over the coming decades' in its 2016 ‘Heat in Buildings' consultation. LPG provides a clean, cost effective and immediate solution to the 400,000 ‘problematic' standard efficiency domestic oil boilers that need to be addressed most urgently in order to meet this objective. 

Conventional fuels transmitted via the grid are becoming cleaner and greener, and appliances are simultaneously becoming more efficient. As the energy industry develops low carbon fuels to be delivered through the mains gas network, UKLPG's new policy pathways document Gas for Off-Grid Britain demonstrates how the same progress can be achieved with LPG for the off-grid energy market.

UKLPG welcomes the imminent publication of the BEIS Boiler+ consultation response alongside new efficiency standards and supports the department's objective of decarbonising domestic heating through automated and optimised energy efficiency measures.

The effective implementation of new ErP efficiency standards could successfully leverage the domestic energy market towards the purchasing of cleaner appliances at minimal disruption and cost to consumers, much as the mandating of condensing boilers mobilised a beneficial shift towards cleaner appliances back in 2005.

UKLPG calls upon Government not to miss the opportunity to set impactful minimum standards that would benefit decarbonisation efforts beyond the gas grid, and argues that now is the time to ensure that off-grid decarbonisation keeps up with on-grid decarbonisation.

The LPG industry already supplies essential clean gas to hundreds of thousands of off-grid homes and businesses that require an effective and efficient, low carbon energy but are not connected to the gas grid. LPG ensures that these homes and businesses have access to all the significant advantages provided by current gas powered systems as well as future gas and hybrid technologies best suited to the UK energy market.

The Gas for Off-Grid Britain document details LPG's critical role in the UK off-grid energy mix; its supply resilience, operational performance and environmental credentials for the UK off-grid sector. It also features information regarding how key industry players are currently striving to decarbonise, improve energy efficiency and drive down fuel poverty for LPG customers.

A parliamentary launch of the policy pathways document will take place on Tuesday 31st October in the House of Commons, Committee Room 17 at 10am. The event panel will include speakers from Government, the UK's LPG industry and expert commentators from the energy industry who will provide insight and facilitate an interesting and productive session. This event is open to all and offers a unique opportunity to meet with key players from the LPG industry and understand more about how LPG (and bioLPG) can help Government achieve its off-grid decarbonisation objectives.

To register your attendance for this event please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gas-for-off-grid-britain-uklpg-parliamentary-launch-tickets or for more information please contact UKLPG's Public Affairs Manager Emily Wilson-Gavin.  


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