Industry trade association calls on Government for mixed-fuel approach to future energy policy

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change’s Progress Report, George Webb, Chief Executive, Liquid Gas UK commented: “The journey to a low-carbon strategy for off-grid homes is not simple. A one size-fits-all approach is not the answer."

"It is important Government and industry work together on a transition that empowers off-grid home and business owners to choose affordable, environmentally friendly heating solutions that work for them. Rushing to blanket policy decisions runs the risk of poor investment at the cost of taxpayers, the industry and over two million off-grid rural  homes and businesses.

“In its own Net Zero report, the Committee on Climate Change recognised that bioLPG must be part of the fuel mix for the future. Today, LPG as a fuel source offers an immediate reduction in emissions and moving forwards, bioLPG, as set out in our 2040 vision launched last week, offers a drop-in, sustainable and green off-grid heating solution that can deliver up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions. Compared to electrification of heat which will require intense and expensive retrofit for off-grid rural buildings, bioLPG offers a cost effective, less intrusive solution for the decarbonisation of these ‘hard to treat’ rural homes and businesses. For this reason, it’s vital that consumers have choice in how their home or business is heated – Government policy must support this and allow a variety of innovative, green solutions, such as bioLPG, to play their part in the transition to Net Zero.”

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