Liquid Gas UK comments on the 2019 General Election result

Monday 16th December 2019

With the Conservative Party having secured a clear Parliamentary majority in the General Election last week, we look forward to working with Boris Johnson’s Government to help it deliver on the 2050 Net Zero climate change target that Parliament passed in June 2019.

A key challenge in achieving this aim is tackling the question of how we heat homes and businesses off the gas grid in a way that encourages consumers to make their home or workplace more energy efficient. Blanket options rarely work for the multitude of different buildings and owners, and so we support a mixed technology approach to decarbonisation. As part of this approach, LPG is already the lowest carbon conventional energy source available, emitting 33% less carbon emissions than coal and 15-20% less than oil. But the LPG industry also has an ambitious goal to fully transition to supplying biopropane (bioLPG) by 2040; a renewable ‘drop-in’ solution which can provide up to 90% emissions reductions against existing fossil fuel options. BioLPG also carries very low levels of NOx emissions and minimal Particulate Matter emissions, providing a considerable air quality advantage.

This transition to bioLPG is a deliverable market-led solution. We will look to continue our work with the Government to set out its role in ensuring homeowners and businesses have access to viable, affordable energy efficient heating options. 2020 will be a vital year in setting how the UK’s realistically meets the 2050 Net Zero target; Liquid Gas UK and the wider LPG industry stands ready to help the new Government deliver.

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK