Liquid Gas UK welcomes Scottish Government’s focus on low carbon future

Thursday 5th September 2019

Responding to the announcement of Scottish Government’s programme for Government, George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK, said: “We very much welcome Scottish Government’s focus on a low carbon future in their programme for Government following the First Minister’s acknowledgement of a climate emergency back in May this year. As the detail of the policy develops the LPG industry looks forward to supporting Scottish Government in achieving their ambitious targets.

"Liquid Gas UK’s recently launched 2040 Vision demonstrates how bioLPG can play a huge role in enabling the effective and affordable decarbonisation of rural off-grid homes and businesses across Scotland. As a ‘drop-in’ fuel, offering up to 90% carbon emissions reduction, bioLPG can help reduce the carbon footprint of the most difficult to treat buildings with the minimum amount of disruption to property owners.

"We are particularly pleased to see £30m allocated towards renewable heat projects and a ‘Green New Deal’ to help escalate the investment and implementation of a variety of low carbon solutions. If the implementation is as successful as hoped, Scotland could lead the way in new green technologies, such as bioLPG, and pave the way for the rest of the UK.

"Supporting a mix of innovative heating solutions, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, would empower Scottish Citizens to make low carbon, sustainable choices that work for them. Different buildings will require different solutions, as will the families or business that operate within them. It is vital that any future policy framework around heat recognises this.”

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