Planning permission granted for new LPG facility

Tuesday 26th March 2019

Planning permission has been granted to convert the National Grid LNG facility at Avonmouth into a large-scale LPG storage terminal with the capacity to store 34,564 tonnes of LPG.

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The facility, owned by Flogas Britain, will be the largest of its kind in the UK and will significantly increase national LPG storage capability, providing security of supply to commercial and residential customers both in the South West and across the UK.

Formerly owned by the National Grid, the Avonmouth facility was previously only licensed to store LNG (liquefied natural gas). However, the permissions granted by Gloucestershire County Council allow for a change in content, switching the site’s usage from LNG to LPG storage.

The usage switch means that once open, the Avonmouth facility will further strengthen the distribution network, providing customers with an unrivalled UK LPG supply chain.

Lee Gannon, Flogas Britain’s Managing Director, said: “Once operational, Avonmouth will be a game-changer; massively increasing the UK’s total LPG storage capability. Our investment in this demonstrates our unwavering commitment to security of LPG supply and to the LPG industry in general.”

The timing of the planning permission announcement comes at a crucial time for the UK energy industry, as it digests the implications of the Clean Growth Strategy, and the need to move away from high carbon fossil fuels.

George Webb, UKLPG Chief Executive, commented “The significance of the storage capability that the Avonmouth terminal will offer cannot be underestimated. Given the growth ambitions of the industry, the 35,000 tonnes of additional storage demonstrates that the LPG industry can offer security of supply for both its current and new customers over the coming decades.

“The extra capacity added into the supply chain once this new terminal is operational means that the capability of the whole LPG industry across the UK will broaden considerably. With future energy policy being a hot topic at present, this announcement ensures that LPG is perfectly placed as an immediate, proven solution to support the Government’s decarbonisation objectives, highlighting the critical role the fuel can play in the future energy mix.

“As a clean, low carbon fuel available today, LPG already provides a reliable source of heat and energy to thousands of homes and businesses located in areas that are not connected to the mains gas grid. With bioLPG being introduced into the supply chain from 2018, it is important to note that this new facility will be able to store bioLPG, revealing how the industry is all set to deliver a pathway to a sustainable future.” 

President and COO of Global Transmission for National Grid Ventures, Jon Butterworth, added: “The Avonmouth gas storage facility has been at the heart of providing safe and secure gas supplies from National Grid during the last 40 years. Not only that, it has provided a base for training, developing and supporting highly skilled engineering staff and been the lifeblood of their careers and many others within the local community.

“As the gas pipeline networks have grown and expanded deeper into the South West and Wales, the site is no longer necessary for National Grid’s business and its consumers. I’m enormously proud, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to  hand it over to Flogas Britain.”

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Media contact: Lucy Cook, UKLPG Communications Manager

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