Liquid Gas UK issue new guidelines on the storage of bulk LPG storage at fixed installations with its updated Code of Practice 1, Part 3.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Code of Practice 1 Part 3 Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations: Examination and Inspection has now been published and is available. For more details please click here.

COP 1 Part 3 is a comprehensive guide to examination and testing of bulk storage vessels. The Code gives guidance on statutory inspections and examinations, and provides examples of how to develop a Written Scheme of Examination.  

Examination and inspection principles are adequately covered and include topics such as vessel entry, permits to work and Cathodic Protection systems. The Code also covers the inspection of ancillary equipment such as Vaporisers, Safety Devices and Pipework. The Code also has a very comprehensive appendix which provides suggested inspection maintenance and re-qualification intervals. 

Liquid Gas UK Members have access to the updated Code via the Members Lounge which can be found here. 

For more information or how to purchase the Code, please click here. 

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