Liquid Gas UK reacts to Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Revolution

Wednesday 18th November 2020

George Webb, CEO explains how setting heat pump only targets will leave off-grid homes behind and that a one size fits all approach won’t benefit rural households.

Today UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched a 10-point plan for achieving a green revolution, including commitments to phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars 10 years ahead of schedule, supporting development of clean hydrogen and supporting the decarbonisation of homes and public buildings, as well as having a target of installing 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028.

Commenting on the Government’s plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, George Webb, CEO, Liquid Gas UK said:

“The Government has laid down an ambitious marker for creating a green future for the UK, transforming the economy to create thousands of jobs and spurring future growth. This ambition is welcomed and puts the UK as a leader in tackling climate change and meeting net-zero.

“One of the biggest challenges the UK faces is how we heat our homes and businesses. Today’s plan sets out ambitious targets to roll out heat pumps across the UK which simply aren’t credible. The UK has a great track record of setting arbitrary figures and going on to miss them. This is another one in the making. The plan completely overlooks the fact that heat pumps won’t work everywhere. They must be used efficiently so that we avoid the risk of putting them in homes that are not suitable.

“While heat pumps have a clear role to pay, a route solely focused on electrification will leave millions behind, especially in rural, off-grid, areas where homes are often more difficult to heat. It is vital that we take a mixed technology approach that uses a range of clean fuels such as bioLPG and hybrid heat pumps. Such an approach would save £7billion.

“Today we have the headlines but industry urgently needs the details. We have a long overdue energy white paper as well as a heating strategy for buildings that must deliver on detail and reflect the need for a mixed technology approach.

“The LPG industry is committed to being part of Net Zero and providing a viable green energy solution through bioLPG to off-grid homes and businesses in the UK. The industry is investing over £600million over the next five years with an additional £106million committed to bioLPG. BioLPG represents a cleaner energy future, with a reduction of up to 90% in carbon emissions. As a drop in fuel, switching over from LPG to bioLPG means there is almost no upfront cost to existing users.”

For more information on the role of LPG and bioLPG in domestic heating, as part of a mixed technology approach, read here.

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