New Scottish Energy Efficiency Schemes to support LPG

Thursday 12th November 2020

Two new energy efficiency schemes for domestic homes and for SMEs launched by Scottish Government are set to support new LPG boilers and systems.

The two schemes, both loan-based, will make capital available for households and businesses wanting to improve their energy efficiency, replace or switch to a new, efficient LPG system.

Reacting to the announcement, Liquid Gas UK Chief Executive George Webb commented:

"Liquid Gas UK is delighted to see the Scottish Government recognise the role LPG will play in supporting homeowners and small businesses across Scotland to improve their energy efficiency. Offering substantial loans and meaningful cashback opportunities will help to encourage homeowners and businesses to start making the investments needed to decarbonise.

“Research shows that using LPG and bioLPG as part of a mixed technology approach to decarbonising off-grid homes and businesses is the most cost-effective way for Scotland to reach its 2045 carbon reduction target. 

“However, we would like to see this scheme, along with the recently-announced loan scheme for SMEs, go further by recognizing the role of hybrid heat pump systems, with LPG, or indeed bioLPG in a standalone boiler or again in a hybrid, can have in decarbonisation. The Scottish Government should do this by looking to support cashback for an LPG hybrid system or to utilise bioLPG.

“LPG is the lowest carbon conventional energy source available to off-grid homes and businesses. With LPG emitting more than 33% fewer carbon emissions than coal and 15-20% fewer than oil, moving to LPG is a quick win and a transitional solution in its own right. It will also support even more significant decarbonisation, with the industry planning to supply 100% renewable energy bioLPG by 2040.

“BioLPG provides up to a 90% carbon emissions reduction on LPG and can be dropped into existing LPG infrastructure. Both fuels can also provide consistent heating and contribute to big emissions savings, as well as providing back-up heating to an electric heat pump through a hybrid system.”

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