Welsh Government awards funding to support 120 home LPG installation

Thursday 12th November 2020

Liquid Gas UK is delighted to see that the Welsh Government has awarded over £500,000 in funding to Angelsey County Council to enable 120 homes to be heated by LPG as part of the Council's £6.7m decarbonisation plans.

The funding was awarded as part of Welsh Government’s Optimised Retrofit Programme 2020 – 2021, which saw its budget increase from £9.5m to £19.5m.

Minister Julie James MS announced the schemes earlier this week, commenting:

It is a whole house, pragmatic, approach to decarbonising existing homes. It is far more sophisticated and bespoke than previous schemes because it takes into account the fabric or materials our homes are made from; the way we heat and store energy in our homes and the way energy is supplied to our homes.”

Following the announcement, Liquid Gas UK Chief Executive George Webb commented:

“Research shows that using LPG and bioLPG as part of a mixed technology approach to decarbonising off-grid homes is the most cost-effective way for Wales to reach its 2050 carbon reduction target. The funding in Angelsey is a step in the right direction but only skims the surface across the whole country. In order to make the game changing in-roads that we need, a long-term policy framework that supports a mix of low carbon solutions and targeted financial support for homes and businesses will be needed. LPG and bioLPG are well placed to make significant improvements across Wales as the country aims to decarbonise its heating.

“LPG is the lowest carbon conventional energy source available to off-grid homes and businesses. With LPG emitting more than 33% fewer carbon emissions than coal and 15-20% fewer than oil, moving to LPG is a quick win and a transitional solution in its own right. It will also support even more significant decarbonisation, with the industry planning to supply 100% renewable energy bioLPG by 2040. BioLPG provides up to a 90% carbon emissions reduction on LPG and can be dropped into existing LPG infrastructure.”

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