WLPGA Report: LPG and its response, recovery & regeneration amid the COVID-19 crisis

Wednesday 25th November 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is a global health crisis of unique reach and severity, and has impacted nearly all countries globally.

In the midst of unprecedented challenges, the LPG industry continued to supply, and was designated as an essential service by governments across the world.

The recent report produced by the WLPGA and Ecuity is the first step in an important discussion amongst key stakeholders about the impact of the crisis on the LPG industry, examples of challenges faced and solutions delivered that can define best practice moving forward. As markets look set to enter the ‘new normal,’ this report comes at a time when the industry can position itself as a provider of cost-effective, resilient and clean energy solutions.

The LPG industry has demonstrated its importance as a provider of essential energy services to households and businesses in a time of need. As countries look to move forward from the COVID-19 crisis, this report illustrates several areas where the industry is well-placed to support a clean, cost-effective and resilient recovery. Through cooperation with organisations such as Liquid Gas UK and the WLPGA, industry leaders have the opportunity to come together, share experiences and re-build markets and communities.

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