Access all of the latest Liquid Gas UK Codes of Practice now with our new Gold License.

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Liquid Gas UK Codes of Practice are practical guidelines written in conjunction with a team of industry experts.

They are globally recognised and support our members and businesses operating in the LPG and bioLPG space.

The Codes of Practice provide a well researched guide to regulatory compliance as well as covering operational safety in a multitude of different settings.

Richard Hakeem, Director of Safety and Technical Policy at Liquid gas UK, said:

“I’m really pleased our Codes of Practice are now available as a simple download by purchasing a Gold License. It’s a flexible and cost effective way to use each document and, enables multiple members of staff to access each one at the same time.

At the click of a button the latest, and most up to date Codes of Practice can be accessed and downloaded as required.”

Traditionally the Liquid Gas UK Codes of Practice were only available as printed books but this new format gives wider flexibility such as the option of multiple downloads to phones, tablets or computers by more than one member of staff.

The Codes of Practice can also be printed off as required, or uploaded to Intranet platforms or shared drives for the benefit of the entire company.

A full Gold License for multiple use gives access to all Codes in the most up to date format in one easily accessible place.

A Gold License can also be purchased for single or multiple use for up to 10 individual codes, or alternatively for all codes.

For more information of Liquid Gas UK Codes of Practice and to purchase a Gold License please email or click here to read more. 


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