Code of Practice 1 Part 2 relaunches with important new updates on small bulk propane installations for vapour use

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Liquid Gas UK has just updated Code of Practice 1 Part 2 in its series of safety guides outlining best practice for small bulk propane installations.

This code is supplementary to Code of Practice 1 Part 1 and Part 4, and provides essential guidance for Bulk LPG installation for domestic purposes.

The focus is on fixed installation at properties where the tank may be installed above ground, but also covers below ground installation or within mounds, and with capacities of between 150 and 4500 litres.

A great deal of work has been done to improve installation methods particularly where underground installation is taking place, and location and separation distance is important.

Richard Hakeem Director of Safety and Technical Policy at Liquid Gas UK commented:

“We’ve worked closely with stakeholders and regulatory bodies to produce Code of Practice 1 Part 2. Safe practice is so important and location, and separation distance require careful consideration.

We also consulted with experts in below ground installation as cathodic protection and excavation techniques, to ensure the tank is securely positioned, needed to be explored.

Code of Practice 1 Part 2 gives users essential information for bulk LPG systems at fixed installations.”

Code of Practice 1 Part 2 is now available and for purchase options please click here.

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